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tadXL add-in

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Free 32-bit tadXL v2.5 full versionFREEDownload Now
Free 64-bit tadXL v2.5 full versionFREEDownload Now
32-bit tadXL v3.0PendingUnder construction
64-bit tadXL v3.0PendingUnder construction

We are a leading provider of software products for the financial industry and have proudly served CFO - chief financial officers from Fortune 500 corporations. Our portfolio of products range from Excel add-on such as tadXL, tadSXL, tadMXL, tvmXL and financial calculators for the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. Other products and services that we have to offer include the study guides on topics of financial management and a host of online calculators. Besides these products, we do offer software development services to the clients who may be looking for custom built financial software to deploy on desktop computeres or on the world wide web.


tadXL add-on was released by us at Software R Us in March 2012 that offered Excel users a large collection of financial functions that were hitherto unavailable in Excel or any other financial software for that matter. The large collection of financial functions in tadXL make possible invesment analysis allowing the analyst to determine an investor's return on investment - ROI. Other financial functions in tadXL allow pension fund managers, 401K managers, bankers and accountants to evaluate the present and future worth of their clients investments. Even more financial functions in tadXL allow for finding interest rate factor that are commonly used in DCF - discounted cash flow analysis.


Financial calculators we offer range from those that permit appraising of investments using key financial measures such as IRR, MIRR, NPV, payback period, discounted payback period, benefit to cost ratio, equivalent annual annuity and cost. Even more financial calculators make possible evaluation of fixed income securities to find bond price, coupon rate, yield to maturity, yield to horizon, duration, and convexity of bonds.